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Sensitivities to toxins & how they affect me now - as a mom
When I was little, I’d say around 7 or 8, each time my family went out for the evening or to an event I noticed that I would consistently suffer severe headaches. Sometimes they were so bad that I would vomit and feel completely incapacitated. One day in particular, I realized that the onset of this ill feeling was brought on by none other than my mother’s perfume. It started out not being all of her different fragrances, just one in particular – Samsara by Gurlain. I would beg and plead for her not to wear this scent as it made me feel so sick all the time, and she complied for some time…and I guess I felt ok. Fast forward 10 years or so and my dad brings home some new orange scented air freshener and again I begin to experience headaches and feel ill. I realized here that I am sensitive to some scents. It was a bit weirs though as I was able to tolerate some perfumes, I wore perfume every day, but only the few I could to…
Sometimes I feel like it's not so hard having 2 little ones and working...and other times I am completely overwhelmed.

I am continually searching for organization tips and tricks from other Moms, or anyone else for that matter, that can help make life a little less chaotic.

I came across this link to menu planning...have a look, its really great!

I'm going to try implementing this over the next few days!

Organize your meal prep

It's been a while...

It's been a long while since I started this blog, and my first (and only post). It seems as though life runs away with time. I guess I didn't have as much time in my days as I thought I would have, or maybe I was just too busy creating memories for as long as I could...until I returned back to work.

A few things remained the same...and one of them is that I am still a Momaholic. I live and breathe being a Mommy. I love talking about my boys, taking pictures, sharing pictures, buying them cute outfits, doing activities with them fun meals (but healthy) etc, etc, etc.

A few things changed...Big A will be soon turning six! and my little baby A has already celebrated his 1st birthday! I am back at work returning from the most epic and wonderful 15 months off. It's not so bad, but my heart aches for being with my boys again.

One thing is that I would like to change is to make a conscious effort to contribute to this blog and watch it flourish. I would like to ga…